《I’m Cooking in the Kitchen?》教学设计(Part B)

2019-12-15 11:58俱一心
学校教育研究 2019年15期


一、Teaching key and Difficult points

1.Teaching key points:Students can master target sentence patterns, and use these sentences independently.

2. Teaching difficult points: The Present Continuous of new words and the usage of this new programmer.

二、Teaching Procedures

Step 1 . Warming up

Lets chant together and do actions.

Step 2 . Review & Leading in

1. Look at a picture of a house. Then talk about “house”

T: Look! I have a new house. There are many friends in my house. But where are they?S1,where is Su Nan?

T:Where is Wu Chen?

T: Yes. Im in the kitchen,too. Im a cook. Now Im cooking. So I can say that Im cooking in the kitchen.

Step 3 . Presentation

1. Look at these pictures. There are many verbs.

Point to these pictures and say the verbs quickly.

2. T: What are you doing?

Ss: Im reading. (guide them to say)

T: Yeah! Im reading a book.

Teach them “reading”, read it together and pay attention to their tone. Then teach them to say “writing” and “cooking” in the same way.

3. Emotional Education

Show them pictures about my mother. She is cooking in the kitchen. She cooks many delicious food for my family. So I will educate students to help mother do something.

4. T:Please look at my mother. What is she doing?

Ss: She is cooking.

5. T: Guys, please look at these words. Can you find something from their letters?

Ss: There is an “-ing” after them.

T: Yes, youre right! They are the Present Continuous of verbs. Right? Lets learn any others and pay attention to their letters, OK?

Ss: OK!

6. Show a picture and ask them “What are you doing?” and “What is she/he doing?” They give their answer by different personal pronouns. In this part, they will read and practice new words more and more and practice new sentence patterns.

7. Read the forms of present continuous together. Sing a song about “what are you doing?”.

Listen to the music and sing it together. Then sing it again and put the new words into this song.

8. Practice activity

Order some pictures quickly, and ask them “ what is he/she doing? ”. At last, read the sentences once together.

9. Learn the new text

Ask three questions to students. Watch the video and answer these questions. Show the text picture to them, guide students to read it more times.

10. According to the text, fill the blanks of dialogue

Chang the information of text and make a new dialogue by themselves.