Ancient Chinese Tiger Culture

2022-05-13 15:00
China Pictorial 2022年3期

Ancient Chinese Tiger Culture

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese Zodiac. The tiger is regarded as the king of the animals with magical powers to protect the house, drive away evil, and bring good luck. In ancient China, people not only wrote tiger-themed calligraphy and depicted them in ink paintings, but also liked to wear tiger-patterned clothes, belts, and hats. Ancient Chinese people used the tigers image and power to symbolize heaven and earth, clarify the levels of officialdom, avoid evils, and frighten enemies. Tigers in various images have become a special decoration for festivals and daily life today, representing Chinese peoples love for the animal and aspiration for a better life.

Forbidden City

January 2022

Chinese Taste

Different foods produce different kinds of stimulation and feelings in the mouth, which we call “tastes.” To some extent, Chinese peoples culinary pursuits are essentially for taste. In the hands of Chinese chefs, the same ingredients can be prepared for a variety of tastes, sweet sour, salty spicy, sweet spicy, or sweet only. Unique cooking methods and special recipes showcase the outstanding characteristics of Chinese food culture.

National Humanity History

February 1, 2022

Stories in the Subway

Subways heralded a new era for cities by improving resident mobility and even promoting the development of new cities. Subways eventually became an indispensable feature of a major city. After an underground transport system is excavated, subterranean businesses and lives inevitably descend. Countless people have taken the subway from one place to another as their daily lives change gradually. The subway is public, where people are pushed into a tight space while remaining distant at heart. The subway is also personal because it sees every subtle change in us.

New Weekly,

January 15, 2022

Behind 300 Million in Winter Sports

In recent years, winter sports have become increasingly popular in China, including skiing, ice skating, and ice hockey. After years of development, ice and snow sports have laid a solid foundation in both infrastructure and fans in China. Snow sports enthusiasts are mainly composed of young people and families seeking entertainment at ski resorts. In contrast, ice sports attract many children in training classes, which not only provide another option for community sports, but also cultivate a considerable number of spectators for competitive sports and even reserve forces for professional sports teams.

China Newsweek

January 24, 2022