Protecting the Deep Blue

2023-01-20 20:03

Three cities join hands to make efforts to protect marine ecology

Ocean accounts for 70 percent of our planet and any change in oceans may impact people’s life. Ocean is also the cradle of life and has provided resources and major transportation channels for human development. Most of the developed cities worldwide are located near the sea. In this regard,protecting marine ecology and advancing maritime civilisation are the key for sustainable development of human society.

Xiamen in China, Nice in France and Durban in South Africa, all coastal cities with advanced maritime transportation capacity, are joining hands to promote maritime civilisation. On 22 November, the three cities held the Xiamen-Nice-Durban Dialogue webinar, where government officials and marine experts discussed ways to sustainably use the marine resources for human development and protect marine ecology.

Themed “Mutual Learning Among Maritime Civilisations for a Shared Future,” the dialogue, jointly hosted by Xiamen government and China International Communications Group, aims to encourage the development of an open, inclusive, and mutually beneficial“ocean partnership” by sharing the practices and experiences in ocean protection and sustainable development of the three cities.

International port cities of Xiamen, Nice and Durban share common urban traits and are examples of cultural fusion, which serves as a foundation for communication and interaction among the three cities.

Marine tourism is thriving in China’s coastal city of Xiamen. A key hub on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, it is a bustling port city where maritime civilisations and cultures from all over the world interact. The openness and inclusiveness of Xiamen are demonstrated by the World Heritage Site Gulangyu,a historical international settlement.

In addition to its stunning coastline, cosmopolitan buildings, and historical artefacts, Nice in France, which has established a sister-city relationship with Xiamen,has a flourishing tourism industry. On 27 July 2021,Nice was added to the World Heritage List at the 44th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China’s Fujian Province.

A gateway to the African continent and other countries neighbouring the Indian Ocean, Durban in South Africa has the busiest port in Africa. Due to its cosmopolitanism and openness, it is a well-known tourism and sports destination. The city’s inclusiveness encourages the blending of many cultures.

On the occasion of the dialogue,ChinAfricapresents in-depth reports on how Xiamen, as an international port city, protects its marine ecological environment while maintaining development of maritime transportation. CA